Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about expat housing in the Netherlands.

Lease Contracts

What is a diplomatic clause?
A diplomatic clause was initialy used for landlords who were looking to return to their homes after a period of letting their home. Now it is also being put in rental contracts to give tenants the option to terminate the lease prematurely. Most diplomatic clauses will mention that the tenant can only terminate when he or she is fired, resigns or is relocated 75km from their current working location.
Can I terminate my contract after 6 months?
If you have a temporary contract up to 2 years you have the right to terminate your lease with one calenders months notice. Please make sure that you have confirmed that your lease contract is a temporary contract.
Can the landlord increase the rent without limits?
Most contracts link the rental increase or also called 'price indexing' to the CPI (cost price index) which is the inflation ratio of the country. This means that your rent can be increased by a small percentage p/month. The contract does have to specify that the rent can be increased on a yearly basis in order for the landlord to do so.
What is the difference between a temporary and permanent contract?
The difference between a temporary contract and an indefinite contract is the end date. Temporary contracts have a specified end date whereas indefinite contracts have not. After the temporary contract ends, action is required from the landlord in order to extend the lease. If a temporary contract gets extended, it will automatically turn into an indefinite contract. An indefinite contract does not end unless the tenant terminates. With an indefinite contract, the landlord does have the right to set a minimum term. During this minimum period the tenant cannot terminate the lease.
Can I terminate my temporary contract?
If your temporary contract is up to 2 years you have the right to terminate with one month’s notice.
Is there a limit to how many people I can share my apartment with?
The municipality does link the size to the amount of people living in a home but doesn't regulate this very much. They have, however, instated a rule that requires landlords to have a permit when they're looking to rent out their apartments to more than 2 people.
What is a contract under the 'leegstandswet'?
A landlord can apply for a permit to rent out his home under the 'leegstandswet'. This permit gives the landlord the right to rent out their home without the tenant building up tenant rights. The end date is therefore a set end date and the landlord can extend a temporary contract without it become an indefinite contract. There is a limit of 5 years that a landlord can rent using this type of contract and generally sells his apartment after this period.
Do all lease contracts have to be signed in Dutch?
In most cases landlords and or their agents will require you to sign a Dutch contract. An English translation is generally given, but not in all cases.