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Everything you need to know about buying and renting a home in the Netherlands as an expat

How jobs and employment work in Eindhoven (and the Netherlands)
Eindhoven: A vibrant hub for technology and innovationThe crown  jewel of the province of North Brabant, this southern Dutch city is home to a wide variety of companies and exciting career... Read more
Buying a house in Amsterdam - how it works for expats
Amsterdam is a beautiful city; famous for its iconic houses and architecture. In recent years, the property market in Amsterdam has shown very strong growth, boosted by a steady influx of talented... Read more
Costs of living in Groningen - how expensive is it?
What’s the cost of living in Groningen?Knowing what to expect is always the key to a smooth and pleasant moving-house experience. Unexpected costs can throw a real ‘spanner in the works’ when... Read more
How to buy an apartment or house in Eindhoven
Eindhoven is a popular place to live!With a thriving economy and plenty of well-paid jobs, Eindhoven is a popular place to live. It has great schools (including an international school), great access... Read more
The Essentials: Employment, Costs of Living, and Jobs in Rotterdam
Despite being a key part of the ‘Randstad’ region, Rotterdam is an often overlooked destination for expats. However, the sprawling city offers residents a great deal; a wide selection of housing... Read more
Renting an apartment in Amsterdam - how it works
What’s the cost of living accommodation in Amsterdam?Congratulations! You’re moving to Amsterdam - one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of... Read more
Expat Jobs in Groningen - Employers for English Speakers
Working in Groningen, the Pride of the North If you’re thinking of working in Groningen, the chances are strong that you already have a specific company or job in mind. However, it’s still... Read more
Finding things to do in your spare time in Amsterdam
Amsterdam: so many things to do, see, and experienceAmsterdam is a city like no other. No matter which way you turn there’s something interesting to see or do. There’s no shortage of attractions... Read more
How to buy an apartment or house in Groningen
Groningen is a great city to live in for expatsSurrounded by lush countryside, and packed full of interesting things to see and do, Groningen is a popular place for people to live and work. The... Read more
Typical cost of living in Eindhoven: What to expect
What’s the cost of living in Eindhoven?The city of Eindhoven is less expensive than the capital, Amsterdam, but it’s just a little more expensive than Rotterdam. What does that mean in... Read more
How to rent or buy an apartment in Rotterdam
Welcome to your new life in Rotterdam!Moving to a new country for work reasons is an exciting adventure; but there are some important details that need to be addressed too. To make your new life as... Read more
Buying an apartment or house in The Netherlands
The Netherlands has a very healthy property market, but it can be very competitive for buyers. You need to be on the ball at every step, and this means having the insider info on what it takes to... Read more
How to rent an apartment or house in Eindhoven
Renting in Eindhoven: The basics Welcome to Eindhoven – the City of Lights! You’ll find that living in Eindhoven is comfortable, affordable and fun... but first you need a place to... Read more
Housing in Rotterdam: Property types, taxes and renting
Housing costs can take a significant share of your earnings, so it’s vital to choose living accommodation in Rotterdam that suits all of your needs. It’s important to understand the property... Read more
What charges or city taxes do you pay in Amsterdam?
As they say, there are two unavoidable things in life: Death and Taxes. Until the first of these comes to call, we’ll all need to deal with taxes on a daily (or monthly) basis. Taxation is the... Read more
15 things to do while living in Rotterdam
Welcome to the largest port city in Europe! Loosely translated to a dam constructed on the River Rotte, Rotterdam encapsulates the traditional European experience but with a special twist. Owing... Read more
Finding a job in Groningen
Moving to a new country means that you are creating space for new opportunities, experiences and connections. The thrill of settling in can tend to override all the other logistical demands but that... Read more
How interest rates impact the Dutch Housing Market (2022)
What impact do higher interest rates have on housing prices in The Netherlands? Cost of financing in the NetherlandsOne of the main drivers of housing prices in the Netherlands, other than... Read more
We’re launching a new Academy!
Introducing the Expat Homebuyers AcademyAt Expat Housing Network we believe everyone deserves to feel at home. That’s our purpose and the reason why we help internationals with finding their dream... Read more
EHN Quarterly Round-Up: Q4 2021
Who is going to help us?The newly formed ‘het kabinet’(Dutch cabinet) has taken the state of the 2022 housing market into account. To this effect, Hugo de Jonge has been appointed as the Minister... Read more
Asking Price, Property Value, and Purchase Price. What’s the difference?
How much should you overbid above the asking price? Hint: wrong question!⅓ of houses sold 50K above asking price What is going on in the Dutch real estate market? It is clear for some time... Read more
Recap of the 2021 housing market in the Netherlands
As we near the end of the year, it is time to reflect back and look forward to 2022.How it startedThis year we witnessed a rise in housing prices all across the Netherlands. The year started out with... Read more
Expat Housing Network Quarterly Round-Up, Q3 2021
Overview of the owner-occupied Dutch housing market for Q3 of 2021The Dutch housing market is in constant motion - so having a good understanding of the latest figures and statistics will help inform... Read more
Budget Day 2021: Key Points For the Dutch Housing Market
22-09-2021: Translated from VastgoedActueel.nlIn The Hague, the Budget Memorandum was presented to the House of Representatives. What are the most important points and measures regarding the housing... Read more
Why we still have a long way to go to make everyone feel welcome.
At EHN we believe that everyone deserves to feel at home. No matter where you come from, what you believe in, look like, earn or language you speak. This is something that we strive for every day by... Read more
How NFTs are a potential and powerful solution to drive accessibility and bring back equal opportunities in a quickly derailing housing market
It’s been a long time in the making, but the developments of the last 12 months appear to have increased its momentum; the Dutch housing market is derailing quickly.  With housing prices... Read more
EHN SPOTLIGHT: Amber Paris Montalvo, Digital Marketing Intern
With a passion for storytelling and for creating meaningful connections, we knew immediately that Amber Paris would be an incredible fit with the EHN family. A New York City native, Amber Paris is... Read more
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Nadine Witteveen, Senior Expat Rental Manager
With over 6 years of experience in the international housing and relocation industry, Senior Expat Rental Manager Nadine Witteveen has made an incredible mark in the international community here in... Read more
Annual rental increase in the Netherlands capped at inflation + 1%
New regulations for landlords in the Netherlands Great news for renters! Last week, the Dutch senate decided that the annual rent increase for homes in the free sector would be capped at inflation... Read more
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Paolo Natali, Senior Expat Rental Manager
With over 5 years at Expat Housing Network, Paolo Natali is EHN’s most experienced team member when it comes to expat rentals in the Netherlands. He’s helped hundreds of newly arrived expats in... Read more
The Dutch housing market is becoming less inclusive
This is due to the rising house prices and the growing cost difference between buying and renting a house in the private sector.It is an old example out of economics classes: give two people with the... Read more
New transfer tax regulations 2021
Are you considering buying a home this year? That’s great news. Especially when you’re younger than 35 years old and you’re buying your first home in the Netherlands. The Dutch government... Read more
Price drops in the private rental sector
2020 was an unprecedented year, filled with social and economical changes, and this is also reflected in the Dutch housing market. The only difference though, is this change might be for the... Read more
We are thrilled to highlight Mary Williams, EHN's absolute rockstar of an Operations Officer. More than her title, she is the glue that binds us together, the wind beneath our wings, and the sun that... Read more
Home seekers finally have more to choose from in Amsterdam
The Amsterdam housing market is seeing some movement again. For the third consecutive quarter, the housing supply in the capital and its surroundings grew, resulting in more homes being offered for... Read more
What housing market changes will Amsterdam see in 2021?
A new year comes with new opportunities and this year also with new rules and regulations. The Amsterdam housing market is facing a number of changes in 2021. To make it easy for you we have summed... Read more
With expertise in hospitality, sales, and events, Ludo plays a key role in ensuring that EHN's buying team consistently delivers 5-star customer experiences on a daily basis. Get to know Ludo in the... Read more
House prices to increase in 2021
On Thursday, the 10th of December, the Rabobank announced that they expect house prices to continue to rise in 2021 despite the corona crisis. They previously predicted a price drop but are coming... Read more
Couples can borrow more next year
The government wants double-income households to be able to take out a higher mortgage - second income counts more heavily, study debt is less.The sitting office is working on a bill that will expand... Read more
Transfer tax amendment
The new law that would exempt first time home buyers younger than 35 years old as per 2021 most likely will have an additional criteria added to it. Yesterday (November 12) The Dutch house of... Read more
Is it a good time to buy now?
 The answer depends on what you’re looking for. If you buy to speculate, buy-to-let mortgages, costs, return on investment and market conditions come into play. Since most of you are buying a... Read more
The difference between a bank and a mortgage broker
When you are thinking of buying a home it’s always a good idea to find out more about your budget and what kind of mortgage fits your needs. Knowing what you can spend will help you in your search... Read more
What is a winning bid?
In short, the winning bid is the bid that is most appealing to the seller and offers them the right mix of financial and secondary terms and the security that you are serious and will move forward... Read more
What is a VVE?
Whenever you buy an apartment that is part of an apartment block or building, it is almost certain that it’s part of a VVE, also called the home owner’s association. It is also possible to have a... Read more
Can I let my home after i’ve bought it?
We get this question quite often and we do understand. If you’re an international and you’re looking to buy, who knows what the future will bring. You might find a new job in a different country,... Read more
Help! I Lost My Pet in The Netherlands. What Can I Do?
The story of how we lost and found Mika, our tomcat and amateur Houdini impersonator.  We can easily agree with our clients who are fellow pet parents that our homes would not be complete without... Read more
Furnishing an apartment on a low budget
Moving into an unfurnished apartment might seemingly present more of a challenge, especially when relocating to a new country, but there are many reasons why it might be the right choice. Why choose... Read more
5 Tips for how to have a green thumb - even when you really don’t
Look at your life today, your daily routine - I’m guessing it looks very different than it did 3 months ago. In times where information, data, and recommendations change on a daily basis, it’s... Read more
How to speak like a local
So you’ve completed your first Duolingo lesson and now know how to tell someone “I am a woman”... but you haven’t had the chance to use that in an actual conversation. We’re here to... Read more
How will COVID-19 affect the Dutch housing market?
COVID-19 is forcing a lot of governments to take extreme measures, including the Netherlands. Though there are promising measures taken it will unmistakably have an effect on the Dutch economy. And... Read more
How to Find a Home in Times Like These
While many businesses and shops are closing their doors in the wake of COVID-19’s rapid spread through Amsterdam, the rental market is still running. What can you expect if you’re currently... Read more
Tenant protection during COVID-19
In the uncertain times we are living in, no one should be left without a home. Sientje van Veldhoven the minister of Environment and Housing couldn’t agree more, “No one should end up on the... Read more
Why we love living in the Netherlands
When we think about why we love it in the Netherlands under normal circumstances, picturesque cobblestone streets, fried snacks, and carefree living would normally be at the top of the list. However,... Read more
Gezelligheid boosters to fend off cabin fever
With social distancing in full force, most of us are working from home and hardly leaving our apartments. The feel of our interior spaces is more important than ever, as we’re spending all day... Read more
Keeping up to date with COVID-19 as an international
Not speaking a country’s first language can make it difficult to find reliable news sources. Thankfully, Dutch people speak better English than most native speakers, and have several news outlets... Read more
Top 5 tips on buying a home in NL.
Buying a home is a big deal for a lot of people. Here are our top 5 tips on buying a home in the NetherlandsTalk money first. Before you begin, find out what you can borrow and what the nuances are... Read more
3 reasons why you should and shouldn't buy a home now
If I could tell you with a 100% certainty that buying a home today is a guaranteed success that will make you a profit at any time in the future, I wouldn’t be here. I I knew for sure when things... Read more
3 things we needed to start helping Expats buy a home
Over the last year many of the clients we successfully helped with finding a rental home, have reached out to us with the request to assist them in purchasing a home. With the current housing market,... Read more
How to register with the municipality in Eindhoven
If you are reading this, it is likely that you are planning to stay in Eindhoven for more than 4 months. If that is the case, then it is important that you register with the municipality. We... Read more
Cycling tips to live by
After living in this charming city for over 1 year now and biking with the best of them, I’d like to think of myself as an adequate cyclist. I’m not saying I could bike better than a 10... Read more
Everybody deserves a home
Helping expats find a home and feel at home in Amsterdam is what we do, and what makes our work challenging, fun and most of all rewarding. It’s often the first time our clients are moving to... Read more
10 things you should know about renting in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live. Whether it’s a beautiful 17th century canal house or a Jordaan apartment with a cute balcony and fear-inducing stairs, there are certain regulations and... Read more
Why expat housing has nothing to do with real estate
The answer to my questions was confirmed by helping expats the last two years: finding a home for an expat has nothing to do with real estate. Here are 4 reasons why:
1. They are looking for a new... Read more
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