Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about expat housing in the Netherlands.

EHN Service

Will EHN set up my gas, electricity and water bills for me?
After the key handover we will help you set up utilities like internet, gas, electricity and water.
Will EHN set up my city tax payments for me?
This is something that we unfortunately can't do. As soon as you register at the municipality you will automatically enter the system that manages this. You will receive mail (the green envelope) regarding this.
Does EHN help with renting out properties?
We are always looking for new homes that we can present to our clients. Our business focuses on finding properties for our current clients, so we won't proactively help you rent out your home. We do however share new apartments with our clients to see if there's a match. Therefore feel free to send us your photos and description.
Does EHN also support with selling and buying properties?
Yes we do. Fee free to reach out to us via our buying page on our website