Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about expat housing in the Netherlands.

Rights & Responsibilities

When is an agreement binding?
If an offer in writing is specified (price, start date, terms etc.) and is accepted by the receiving party both parties have come to an agreement that is legally binding, this includes agreements made via email. Verbal agreements are not binding.
Do I have to pay municipality taxes?
When you register your address with the municipality you will be charged municipality taxes. Municipality taxes are taxes for the usage of the public systems like the sewage, water, drainage, garbage systems. There's two different categories. The single household category which adds up to €477 p/year and the multiple person household which is about €680 p/year.
Can the landlord access the apartment without my permission?
No, he can't. As soon as you move in you have tenant rights. The landlord has to request permission from you to access the apartment.
Can the landlord evict me?
No. Again you have rights as a tenant. Landlords can't simply terminate a rental contract with you unless it expires or you're breaking the contract yourself.
What happens to my deposit after the lease term?
The landlord will return it to you after the check out minus any costs for repairs or damages. The payment term depends on what is agreed on in the contract.
Who pays for maintenance of an apartment? The landlord or the tenant?
Depending on the terms and conditions that you have signed for, you have responsibilities as a tenant. Minor repairs will be your responsibility whereas major repairs are the responsibility of the landlord.