Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about expat housing in the Netherlands.

Buying General

Are there certain times of year which are 'smarter' to buy?
We see spikes and dips in the market in regard to months of the year, in terms of how busy the market is. We will help advise you in regard to navigating these during our intake stage.
Are the prices listed on Funda the 'final prices'?
No - the lisitng price on Funda is the offer price. What this means, is that that is the inital offering. In the current Amsterdam market, people overbid by fairly high amounts.
Is it ever possible to purchase a home for below the asking price?
However rare, it is indeed also possible to underbid. Your agent will look at the value of the property and base your offer on it instead of the offer price.
What does it mean when a notary does an investigation on the land registry?
The notary is involved in the legal process of the transaction and will therefore do research on several things before registering the mortgage deed and purchase/handover contract.
What are the cities around amsterdam like for buying. Do the laws and regulations differ at all?
Rules for buying in different Dutch cities are very similar. We can aid you in the same manner whether you wish to bid on a home in Almere, Hoofdorp, Amsterdam, or Haarlem, to name a few examples.
What are the most competitive areas and price ranges in terms of buying a home?
In general, up to prices around €450,000.00, there is an extremely high level of competition and demand. Amsterdam is by far the most competative location. Haarlem and other up and coming areas in the AMA can prove slightly less competitive
Can I rent my property when it’s mortgaged?
You must obtain written permission from your mortgage provider, but as a rule of thumb this can't be done without permission. This is because it weakens the mortgage lenders position in a foreclosure situation.