Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about expat housing in the Netherlands.

About Amsterdam

What is Amsterdam like to live in?
Amsterdam is vibrant, (bike) friendly, international, big enough to be nice, but small enough to bike everywhere, affordable, young, ambitious and very social. A great city to live in for students, starters, professionals and families. Have a look at <our neighborhood guide> to learn more about the city or check sites like <yourlittleblackbook> or <iamsterdam> for more information about the city.
How many people, and expats, live in Amsterdam?
Currently Amsterdam inhabits about 834.000 people and 180 different nationailties. The number of expats is ever changing, but we're estimating it to be around 12% of the Amsterdam population.
Can I rent a home in Amsterdam?
Of course! The rental market is accessible for everybody who has the right to stay in the Netherlands. Whether through a permit, visa or residence.
How do people get around in Amsterdam?
They mainly use the bike. The city is so small that you can bike from one end to the other end of the city in about an hour and 15 minutes. The 2nd most popular means of transport is the tram and subway. Cars are used on occasion, but finding a parking spot can be quite a challenge.
What is typical Amsterdam / Dutch?
We are taking the liberty here to mix it up with some typical Dutch things. Let's start with stroopwaffels (caramel biscuits), canals, kingsday, bikes, steep and narrow stairs, the Rijksmuseum, cheese, the gay pride parade, Anne Frank House, bakfietsen (family bikes) and we could go on and on. Experience it for yourself or check out <what dutch people like> for more tips and customs of the Dutch.
What are the different neighbourhoods like in Amsterdam?
We've created a neighborhood guide with some more information about the different areas in Amsterdam. Have a look and if you'd like more information, feel free to reach out!